Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Excuse of the Week

I have a little confession to make.  It is literally just a small one, about four and a half centimetres.  Practically insignificant, except it's not.  It's life changing.

As some of you have guessed, and some of you already know - I am pregnant.  This is the reason for my appalling writing record over the past couple of months, as I have been struggling to sit upright, let alone sit in front of a computer. For those of you who have loyally kept checking every now and then to see if I have returned, I thank you. 

I realise that many people don't announce their pregnancies until the all-clear at 12 weeks has been passed.  Or until they look like they are shop-lifting cushions down their pants.  Or they vomit all over someone's feet.

I am 11 weeks so the first two don't apply to me, but you have to realise this means I have been sitting on this exciting news for over 6 weeks. A lifetime! In six weeks my little baby has morphed from a blob with a heart beat into a little human being with arms and legs and who knows what else.

It's been a trying time.  First of all I thought I was pregnant.  Then I found out I wasn't. Then I thought I wasn't, but it turned out I was.  I was so convinced that I wasn't pregnant that it took about a week (and six positive pregnancy tests) before I finally came to terms with the fact, that yes - I am pregnant with my third child.  Woop!

About 24 hours later then nausea and vomiting started.

It's incredible really how efficiently the human body forgets pains and unpleasant experiences.  If we truly remembered the pain of natural delivery or the horror of an emergency Caesar, how many of us would go back to have more children.  Clearly I had forgotten how debilitating morning sickness can be.  (As an aside, the preferred term these days is 'pregnancy related nausea and vomiting' because spew is a bit like a four year old, and doesn't really care for the technicality of time and clocks - it just does what it wants, when it wants).

So I welcome you all to the next phase in my life.  As I start to feel better I promise to write more regularly and faithfully.  I'm sure I will have plenty to say.

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