Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blogger 1: Shannon 0

I tried, I really did. 

I tried to be all clever and blog-professional and move from this blogspot address to my very own address, so I could be a real blogger.  But it hasn't worked.

I can tell that it hasn't worked for you guys either, because it's not like you not to comment on news such as the (kind of obvious) bombshell I dropped last week.

Why this flurry of pseudo-professional blogging activity? This weekend I attended the 'Advanced Blogging' course run by my friend Amanda Kendle.  Although since I don't know what the DNS error message on my computer means, and cannot figure out a simple transfer of domain, I doubt I deserve the title of Advanced Blogger.  Medium blogger perhaps.  Hopefully not mediocre blogger.

The course, run through UWA Extension was brilliant.  You may remember that I attended the Basic Blogging course late last year, when From Mum to Me was born.  It's been eleven months since then, and while I may not have made a lot of headway with my dream to become a published writer in the traditional sense, I have posted over 100 blogs and been blown away by the sense of community and fun in the blogging sphere.

Keeping me sufficiently distracted to keep the nausea at bay, the course has given me pages and pages of good ideas how to promote and extend my blog.  I will be starting a Facebook page for From Mum to Me, as well as a 'Shannon Meyerkort - writer' page. It will probably be mainly pictures*.

So to promote the sense of community, and assuming that blogspot is allowing you to comment once again, I hereby invite you all to put your ten cents in and let me know how I can improve this blog.  What do you like to read about? What do you flick past or think 'I'll read that later' and then forget about?  More pictures or less pictures? Does the layout give you a headache?  Do you hate it when I ask questions?

* It's a joke, geddit?  I haven't done much writing, so I will have to put lots of pictures up instead...


  1. Glad you enjoyed the course! Not glad that blogger beat you, perhaps we will have to try again together (do you think it would be rude to sneak away during a certain small girl's birthday party next weekend?). As for my suggestions ... I think you're doing them all! Pictures (I love your LinkWithin, looks great) and a Facebook page - I will try to be your first fan! And just keep up the great blogging!

  2. Oh joy a comment. Thanks Amanda, I was beginning to feel very lonely, stuck between two virtual worlds. I won't give up on my custom domain, and have a five page print-out of Blogger Help to get through... maybe next time the insomnia kicks in.

  3. aha! well that explains it! i had left a couple of comments but they weren't coming up and when i tried to look at your blog it was saying some kind of error unless i typed in the address myself (the blogspot one) he he! glad it's somewhat fixed now :)i took advice from the guru too and went all dot com!
    congrats on your big news was the gist of my previous comments xx


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