About Me

I admit this photo is a little old... my hair is longer and there are a few more wrinkles laugh lines.

Hello. My  name is Shannon and I am a Perth-based (that's Australia) writer and blogger and mother of three.

Before kids, I was a project manager in health and social research and spent a decade working in various universities and hospitals around Australia. I racked up a few degrees, travelled a bit and generally lived a happy, selfish life.

In 2007 I had a daughter [the Blonde Bombshell], and then Miss Curly Mop followed in 2010. Finally, after about five minutes of soul-searching, we decided to try for a third baby, and in 2012, our third daughter was born [Baldy Baby].

Any delusions that I was career minded went out the door, along with my dignity and waistline. And as much as I love my daughters, there is one other thing that brings me joy - writing. 

I have always enjoyed the power of the written word.  I'm much better at writing things, than saying things. I'm lousy in an argument and always think of witty retorts about half a day too late.

Whenever I am not referreeing fights between the girls, making vegemite sandwiches or hiding in the loo reading magazines, you can find me writing all over the place. No, I'm not a tagger - I am a writer and blogger and you can find me at:

Fundraising Mums

I am also attempting my first novel. It should be finished by the time the girls finish high school.


The Blonde Bombshell, Baldy Baby and Miss Curly Mop, March 2012

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