Friday, August 26, 2011

What was Old is New Again

Let me introduce you to Pinky.

Pinky is a rabbit.  A very old rabbit.  Mum would have to confirm this, but I suspect he's at least 30 years old.  Pinky was my special toy when I was a little girl. 

One of my most enduring memories is of my dad sticking Pinky down the front of his shirt, so his pink ears were poking over the top of his collar.  'Where's Pinky?' he'd ask. 'There he is!', I'd shout. 'Where?', he'd say, pretending to look every where except at the huge lump on his chest.  'There!', I'd shout, jumping madly, trying to reach my beloved bunny (but I was too small).  This would happen fairly frequently and probably only stopped when I was tall enough to pull Pinky out.

I watched my dad play this same game last weekend with Miss Curly Mop and her (formerly) favourite toy, Ella the Elephant.

Now The Mop has a new favourite. 

It's heart warming to see my youngest daughter so firmly attached to my old toy.  It's also reassuring that I did not have to go out and buy something new, I spent nothing more than my childhood loving this rabbit, and now he has a new child to love him and chew on him.


  1. Ok. Don't freak out, but I had e x a c t l y the same rabbit, except his name was 'bunny'. And he was my 'toy'. Snap.

  2. You are generous Shan! I won't give up Ted! He still lives on my bed - and don't tell Chad I told you this - but Chad has Ted sleep on my side of the bed when I'm not there!

  3. Ha that's funny Jo. It would be weird to have a Pinky/Bunny convention... a bit of an acid childhood flashback...

    Ahhh Robyn, you'd better be careful you don't get replaced by a 30 year old teddybear - he won't steal the covers, or put cold feet on Chad...

  4. both hubby and i still have our favourite childhood teddies too! mine was a brown (flat) dog called Deefa who is flat because I used to use her as a pillow! hubby's is a grey dog called wrinkles dressed in overalls(???) we gave both of them to the lil emp when he was born -clearly not thinking that our future other children may like them so now the smiling tiger has ones that we bought each other over the years! not quite as special... but oh dear not sure we have anymore to give if we have a third!

  5. That's just like Toy Story 3!


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