Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Official - I am Pregnant (and allowed to tell the world)

Part 1: BEFORE

I can't quite tell if the clenching in my stomach is caused by the relentless 'pregnacy related nausea and vomiting' or if it's good, old fashioned nerves.

Today is my 12-week scan.

Today I will get to see my little baby. Maybe it will suck its thumb like The Blonde Bombshell did, or do somersaults like Miss Curly Mop did.  Maybe it will wave.  Or make a peace sign.

Today I will be told the risks and ratios of this pregnancy.  The chances of something going wrong.  The chances that things aren't quite right.  A measurement here, a protein there.  My heart skips a beat just thinking about it.

I can feel it growing inside me.  Sure, it's not the baby I can feel yet, but the ever-growing, hard as rock uterus.  It's a positive sign alongside the never ending bleugh I have been feeling.  That and the stupidity I seem to exhibit on a daily basis (thank god I now have Baby Brain as an excuse).

45 minutes to go. 

I remember my first 12 week scan.  I followed the ultrasound instructions to the letter, drank 2L of water and wound up with such a full bladder I was concentrating so hard on not urinating all over the table that I forgot to look at the monitor.  The sonographer and my husband ended up having this long technical discussion and I was almost in tears, begging to be let go so I could pee.

The next time I didn't drink any water at all, and the ultrasound was still a complete success.

40 minutes to go.  This is going to get ridiculous.

Part 2: AFTER

I have this ridiculously enormous smile plastered on my face.  It couldn't be any bigger if you had told me that we had won lotto, or an article of mine was to be published.

The scan went well.  Really well.  Of course they made us wait for an hour which didn't help either my nerves or my bladder, but I saw my little baby, waving its arms, jiggling around, and then being terribly compliant and laying still for all the measurements.

Low risk.  Everything where it should be.

I am now waiting for the nausea and vomiting to magically drift away. Waiting for my glow. Waiting for my bump.  I am immensely happy.

Welcome Baby No. 3

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  1. Already knew ;) and oh I so know that immense happiness. Congratulations. x


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