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When I am not writing at Relentless, I spend my time writing articles for WeekendNotes.
They’re almost as serious as my blog. 

You can subscribe to my WeekendNotes articles or have a look at what else I have written here 

I have my professional writer's website here at

... and my newest blog Fundraising Mums here. That's a good one - you should definitely sign up to that one. If you have kids - it's relevant. I promise.

Relevant for families everywhere

How to Host a Kids Christmas Party: Don’t be a Grinch this Christmas

Ten Reasons Why You Should Visit Perth: Freaky facts about Perth and its people

Top Ten Books for Kids


Relevant for Perth families

Kids Party at Timezone: Let someone else host the party

Rosemount Bowl


Relevant for Sydney families (or travellers to Sydney)


Absolutely nothing to do with kids

A Brief History of Men in Heels: High heels for the man in your life

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