The Relentless Disclosure Policy

For years and years I have resisted doing sponsored posts or reviews on Relentless.

This is partly because no one ever offered me anything good enough to write about, and partly because I could fulfill all my reviewing desires over at WeekendNotes where I am very happy to tell you what I think about all manner of thing in a chatty and long-winded manner.

But Relentless has always been personal. It may be written about me and my family, but because it seems from your comments, that my experiences are also yours, then Relentless has always been about you, the readers.

And as my stats page constantly tells me, you don't want to read about things that aren't to do with the relentless world of parenting. You have made it clear my writing journey doesn't belong here (so it has a new home on and you don't want to hear about anything sentimental or serious. Not too often anyway.

I respect that. After all, without my readers and commenters, this is basically just a very public 'baby book' to hand onto my daughters one day. If I ever get sent a freebie or am paid to write something, I will disclose this. I will sent a handwritten letter to each and every one of you with live butterflies that pop out when you open the envelope, and it will say very clearly - 'I got some stuff for free.'

So there you go: that's my disclosure policy, I probably could have said it in about two paragraphs, but then, it wouldn't be so relentless...

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