Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just a Quick Rant

There comes a point in every pregnancy when you realise that you are


I officially reached that point at 3.50am this morning, lying in bed, drowning in my own nasal secretions, varicose veins throbbing, unable to decide if I was hot or cold, needing to pee [again], unable to sleep, Baby Number Three doing a Zumba class with its mates, pins and needles in every extremity.

All I want is to be able to roll onto my tummy and have a nap.  Not so much to ask really.

I am two weeks away from delivering which doesn't seem like much, especially since my bags are still unpacked, Husband still seems in denial another baby is on its way, and the cot is full of packing boxes and empty cartons.

I think I have done quite well up to this point, especially since the temperature in Perth lately has exceeded 40 on a number of days, and looks to be heading back that way later this week. 

But I am no longer fondly rubbing my belly with that blissful look pregnant women have.  I am now looking around for the nearest curry.

In short, I am a sweaty, waddling, short-tempered mess.  OV. ER. IT.


  1. blegh! you poor thing :( I think we have to get to this in point in pregnancy so that we don't care about the labour - we'll go through anything to make the pregnancy end. Good luck for the next two weeks - air con and a pool are gonna be a necessity. Really, really looking forward to hearing your news!! boy or girl, boy or girl!! so exciting!!!

  2. Ditto what Rachel said! If it was all comfy and pleasant we would dread labour much more. And ditto on the air con and pool. Can't wait to meet #3 (ok I can probably wait more than you can, but you know what I mean!) xxx

  3. Invite yourself over to someone's place with a pool! I often take my two kids to my parents' place because of course the grandparents want to see their little darling grandchildren, but also because it means I get some help with them AND I get to use their pool and swan around in their aircon (my house only has evaporative aircon)!

  4. Absolutely bloody hilarious. I have two and am considering three, if only to provide amusing blogging material. Love this.


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