Thursday, March 24, 2011

The One About the Breast-Feeding Related Ankle Injury [July 2007]

Dear everyone
Wow, things are happening fast.  So many firsts for the little Bombshell over the past week – first smiles, first doctor’s appointment, first party invitation, first flirtation with a boy.  Who said life was dull?
I will start with the smiles, because I am just so chuffed that I finally got my first smile.  It was about an hour ago at 5.15am.  Usually smiles during feeding are followed by a loud fart or explosive poo, but this was different.  I had her on my lap and we were just looking at each other.  I asked her if she was still hungry and suddenly her face just broke into this massive grin – all gums and chubby cheeks.  Her beautiful eyes were smiling at me.  I waited for the accompanying bodily function but it never came.  It was a smile just for me! I could have cried. I feel amazing!!
This overwhelming feeling of well being and good mothering makes up for yesterday when I actually forgot my child’s name for a while.  I was in Retravision buying a crock pot (sexy, I know) and the lovely lady helping me was talking about her own grandchild and nattering on about children being a blessing .  Meanwhile, Shannon is thinking about the pros and cons of oval versus round slow cookers.  This must be a really important issue because it obviously took up all my remaining brain function because when she asked the seemingly innocuous question ‘and what is your little girl’s name?’, for the life of me I could not remember!  I just stood there, blankly, staring at this woman while my brain went ‘what IS my little girl’s name?’.  She just patted me on the arm and said ‘don’t beat yourself up about it dear’ and wandered off to help a man buy a blender. 
The Bombshell and I also had our 6 week check-ups this week, and she passed hers with flying colours (naturally).  I haven’t weighed her recently, but she has a new fat roll on her chubby thighs, so I am guessing she’s doing okay. Mr Maths and I had her stretched out on the breakfast bar about a week ago, and by our calculations she has grown about 7cm since birth.  If you do the sums, that means she will be about 4m tall by the time she is 5 years old.  Pretty good if she plans on being a professional basketballer!
Anyway, Mr Proud had bought a rather nice bottle of champagne for the obstetrician after the Bombshell was born, which he dropped off after being discharged from hospital.  When I went to see the doctor the other day he mentioned he had taken it down south on a weekend away with his wife.  I was waiting for the inevitable ‘it was a lovely drop with a nice bouquet’ type of comment.  What I didn’t expect was   to be told that he drank the champagne but ended up falling down some stairs.  Apparently he’s not much of a drinker.  Oops.  He did say it was a lovely drop though (boom boom).
Finally, a word of warning to all expectant mums out there.  Here’s a new one for the books – breastfeeding related ankle injury. Yes, perhaps it’s only possible in my crazy world, but I have injured both my ankles and I am blaming my breasts.  I had noticed after about two weeks at home that my ankles were both really sore and sometimes so weak I would almost fall over when I stood up after feeding the baby (which was a bit scary, maybe that’s why it took so long for her to smile at me). But I realise it’s because I have my feet up on the footstool  and by sitting there for up to eight hours a day with my heels digging into the (faux) leather, it’s pushing my ankles out!  Weird! So now my latest accessories are two ankle braces, and I no longer rest my heels on the footstool, but let my feet dangle over the edge.  I look like a complete dork, but it hurts less.
So that’s us for week 6.  Some of you might be thinking ‘what about the party invite and flirtation with the boy?’.  Well, it’s called a tease (no, not the Bombshell, although on that point, I notice that her eye lashes have grown considerably in the past week too).  I have to save something for next time.
With love and hugs and gummy smiles,
Shannon and the Bombshell

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