Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mean Mum

Have you ever noticed that at an AGM there often comes a time when suddenly every pair of eyes is remarkably preoccupied - staring out the window, looking at a watch, being rubbed with the glasses on the lap... what? You were looking for volunteers?  I didn't notice sorry, I was rubbing my eyes, glasses off - couldn't see, you see.

In the day and age of email, avoiding volunteering is even easier.  You can deny ever having received the email.  It must have been diverted to junk mail.  The kids must have deleted it.  The virtual silence is a lot easier to stomach than the awkwardness of an actual silence.

So, if it's that easy to avoid volunteering via the email, why do I find myself coordinating the 'Pre-Loved' stall at The Blond Bombshell's Kindy fete in a couple of weeks time?

 No really, it's a serious question?

When I realised what I had done I was initially quite annoyed at myself.  I would have to collect, sort, price and sell a bunch of unwanted items belonging to complete strangers.

Then I realised I would get to collect, sort, price and sell a bunch of unwanted items belonging to complete strangers. Cool! I get first dibs on all the cool stuff (I will pay for them obviously) but first dibs!  As a youngest child I never got first dibs on anything.  Moreover, as a youngest child, collecting the unwanted items of other people (ie older sisters) is second nature.

And I could also use the opportunity to get rid of a bunch of my own unwanted items.  Double cool.  All those loud and annoying battery operated toys that I have hated for years.  Gone!  All the unwanted kids clothes I have received over the years.  Gone.  All the crap I have bought from other people's garage sales and school fetes.  Gone.

I feel free and liberated.  Like I have shed 5 unwanted kilos.

I am now so enthusiastic about making this the best ever PreLoved stall that I am personally filling the bags with my own donations.  I even snuck into the Bombshell's bedroom while she was at Kindy and emptied out her drawers. What a mean mum! 

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