Friday, January 21, 2011

Watch This Space: Beyond the Nappy Bag

My love of writing is grounded in my love of writing about my children.  They are my favourite subject, and almost four years ago, when the Blonde Bombshell was only a newborn I started writing emails and sending them to friends and family across Australia and across the globe.

The aim at that stage was to introduce my new baby to friends and family who lived afar, to share my stories and to make my fleeting thoughts and observations, those precious but brief moments that make being a parent so rewarding, both permanent and retrievable.

I have a shocking memory and from the moment the Bombshell arrived I was determined not to forget a second of it.

And so I began writing.  Maybe once a month, sometimes more, sometimes less.  But every so often a 'dear everyone' email made its way across the globe and my stories about the Bombshell and later, Miss Curly Mop gained a momentum that eventually spawned the idea that perhaps I could make a go of this writing gig.  People seemed to enjoy what I had to say.

Curly Mop turned one last week and so I sent another email across the globe, and with it a question - a request.  Should I make these, once private stories available to anyone and everyone who reads my blog.  The response, filling up my inbox with eager and supportive emails was a resounding yes. 

So, starting tomorrow, or maybe even tonight I will start posting my stories under the label: Beyond the Nappy Bag, the working title of the book that might one day actually exist.  Please keep in mind that the stories are all waaaay in the past.

I should have titled this blog 'With a Little Help From My Friends' because it is the support from all of you that has helped me get this far.  Below I have included just some of the comments I received when I asked whether or not I should post my stories on this blog.  I have done this without any permission whatsoever, hope you don't mind...

Hey Shan,
Love your stories, each and every one of them. I think the world deserves to have a good chuckle out of your great story-telling :)
Hope all is well at your end!!

Hi Shannon,
I think other Mums would love to read your stories of your girls. I remember the first couple when you could not work out why young Mums said they were tired. You thought the first couple of months were a breeze – until sleeplessness etc. set in. I am sure other mums could relate to all of this and other stories.  I love them. Can’t wait to buy the book.

I say share share share!!!

Hello Shannon,
Thanks for another beautiful e-mail. I always enjoy them very much.
I think it is a great idea to put them on your blog for everyone to enjoy, I personally think they are fantastic and need to be shared.

Hi Shan, definitely share with the world! 
Then the whole world can fall in love with your girls like I have.

Hi Shan,
There are so many unhappy things happening in the world, give people the chance to read something that will brighten their day. Go for it! I always feel great after I have read something you have experienced and recorded for us to chuckle over.
 Lots of love,

Share with the world, publish as a book, make a squillion and take us all to Hayman Island to celebrate!


Share them!  I love your emails and really look forward to reading them.   If you posted them up, I would definitely make sure I sent your blog to all my new Mum friends.  I think they would identify with so many of your stories!

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