Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Most Important Vote You Will Have This Year

Ok, so that's a huge lie but in any case I was hoping you might help with a competition I have just entered. is running a national competition looking for travel bloggers in each state to participate in cool events like cooking classes and fancy overnight holidays and then blog about it on their website. 

Sounds horrendous doesn't it!

Each state will have three shortlisted entries as determined by public vote (aka friends and family) and then a winner from each state will be chosen from the shortlist.

To vote for me please go to before February 20.

If you live in West Australia you can stop reading now (I don't really need any more competitors), but if you live in any other state particularly the ACT or South Australia why don't you enter.  There are less than 10 entries in each state so far, and those odds are pretty good!

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  1. Hi shannon,
    Here is a competition to be included in new book I came accross and thought you might be interested in!


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