Friday, January 7, 2011

The Smallest Room in the House has Some of the Biggest Secrets

I pride myself on covering the important issues in life, writing about the big ticket items that affect us all, and make us who we are.

So it is with this in mind I ask you this very serious question: are you roll forward or a roll backward person? 

I was availing myself of the facilities this morning in the bathroom my husband usually uses (he doesn't seem to like sharing with us girls) and I noticed the toilet roll had been changed so that it hung down the back of the roll (towards the wall).  I noticed this because the last time I was in there I had changed it so the paper hung forward over the front of the roll.  Just like I do every time I am in there.

I do it almost without realising. I would never change the roll in someone else's house, but at home I am switching the rolls practically every day.

And I have to do this, because my husband obviously switches it back practically every day.

It's not something we ever discuss.  In the ten years we have been living together, we have never discussed the fact that practically every day both of us manically and obsessively change the direction in which the toilet rolls hang.  Is this completely mad, or are there others out there who do the same?

And I'm not sure what's weirder: the fact that we change the rolls or the fact that we have probably been doing it for the past decade, without realising it and without discussing it.

Stay tuned, next week the important topics will continue: are you a folder or a scruncher?

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