Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Sweet Sweet Taste of Child-Free Canapes

Tonight I went to a networking function. 

Not to a playgroup or mothers' group function.  But an actual grown-up function, with grown-up conversation, and the youngest person in the room would have been in their late 20s.

There were prawns in chilli and lime dipping sauce, little tarts with goats cheese and onion, pastry cones with salmon and dill.  I was in heaven.

There were no vegemite scrolls or juice boxes.  No neat cubes of fruit and no cupcakes with sprinkles.

I put on a pair of high heels and a fancy necklace.  I took the nappies and baby wipes out of my handbag.

I shook hands rather than shaking my head.

I mingled and chatted with a number of very interesting people.  Sure, we talked about children briefly, but it was not our main focus.  We talked about work!  Granted, for me that was a pretty short conversation considering I have not 'worked' for well over a year, but I had plenty to say about what I wanted to do next year. 

Each new person I spoke with renewed my excitement about my journey.  With each encouraging word I felt more energized about my decision to become a writer. 

And when I came home, I kicked off my heels and put the nappies and wipes back in my handbag, then went to kiss my girls goodnight, both soundly asleep in their beds.


  1. Brilliant! And such a bonus when you get to come home and kiss the sleeping ones!

  2. The other great thing about child free canapes is the fact that you don't have to share them with a child Or eat your child's slobbered on leftovers because it is easier than finding a bin.....

  3. It's funny how even a relatively unexciting event can be made so exciting by the fact that you are there without children. I adore every second I spend at home with my little fella but I do get a real buzz out of evenings like the one you've just had (especially evenings - knowing he's at home asleep makes it feel much less neglectful!).

    So glad you are feeling good and excited about the writing journey!! Am totally sure you can do it :-)


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