Friday, December 17, 2010

How Much is Too Much?

Writers out there, answer me this.  How much is too much information?

Do you share with your loved ones and supporters every time you submit an article, think up a story idea, or enter a competition?  Do you let them give you encouragement and support each and every time?  Do you let them build up your (and their) expectations?  What if everything comes to nothing? 

Is it better to share the rare piece of good news or is it better to share the regular disappointment of rejections?

If  indeed it does end up being the regular disappointment of rejections, should I perhaps be looking at another line of work?


  1. Personally I'd be encouraging you to share as often as you can - new ideas, competitions you're planning to enter, everything. Not only will this give your enthralled audience more to read ;o) but it will give you a chance to get more feedback and more experience writing. And surely these last two points will mean that the disappointment of rejection is short-lived and will soon give way to the exhilaration of acceptance!

  2. First of all, I'm pretty sure you won't have a regular disappointment of rejection. Well, you will probably get rejected a lot, because I did and still do, but really they should change that word so it's not "rejection", such a bad word!

    But to your main question, my answer is I don't know! I was a real closet writer for years and submitted away without telling anyone. Basically I've only ever told anybody about the acceptances, not the rejections. But I don't think my way is particularly helpful - nobody gave me any support or encouragement because they didn't know what I was doing!

    I guess the best way is to tell them when you feel you want to but also to kind of ignore their encouragement - in the sense of knowing that they're not editors. But don't give up - you can do it!! xxx

  3. Thanks Amanda and Brad, that's exactly the type of support and advice I need!


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