Friday, May 11, 2012

To My Husband on Mother's Day

Dear Husband

Many of the other blogs I read have really witty names for their husbands, like #1Hubby or Crappy Dad.  I just call you Hubby.

I am relishing this Mother's Day gig.  It's my first as a mother of three, and this year the Blonde Bombshell is really getting into it.  For the past few weeks she has been writing me cards, singing me songs and telling me how good she is going to be on Mother's Day.

Oh, and that I am the bestest Mummy in the whole wide world.

I am like the proverbial pig in mud, lapping up all this love.

I believe that Mums deserve all the praise they get on Mother's Day.  We work hard. Bringing babies into the world changes us in ways we see, and in ways we can't.

But this Mother's Day, I actually want to thank YOU. 

It's because of you that I have my three beautiful girls - the princess, the cherub and the angel.

It's because of you that I have a safe house to live in, food on the table, wine in the fridge and Foxtel to distract.

It's because of you, and your willingness to work hard, that I can stay home with my children, be there at school pick-up, attend the Kindy concerts, walk to the library, have picnics on the floor.

It's because of you that I am free (and encouraged) to pursue my dream to become a writer, to return to uni, to spend evenings writing my blog.

You look the other way when I spend my free time having endless breakfasts and lunches all in the name of 'research' for my reviews on Weekend Notes.

You have become an expert in doing little girls pigtails and plaits, and making school lunches when I am still in bed.  You shower the kids every night. Admittedly, everyone usually ends up in tears, but you still do it.

You have the knack of tag-teaming craziness with me.  If one of us is neurotic, irrational and angry, the other steps up and brings a degree of calm back into the house.  Or pours the other a glass of wine.

You give me my space, my time and freedom.  It is in that space and time and freedom that I can enjoy being a mother to our children.

So, I still expect some pretty full-on spoiling on Mother's Day: breakfast in bed, some flowers perhaps.  Three pink diamonds would be nice.  Oh, and chocolates. Lots of chocolates.

But I haven't forgotten you, and on Mother's Day, I wanted to say:



  1. I love this - and agree with all of it.
    Happy Mothers Day.
    :-) xx

  2. Great article...and I hope that you had a wonderful Mothers Day! This was a lovely's brave being a 'stay at home mum' these days in a world where we're expected to define ourselves as something 'more'.


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