Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blink and You'll Miss It

This is me just after I left the hairdresser.

Note the smooth glossy hair, the meticulous blow-wave, the precision curled ends.  Not a stray hair to be seen. Not on my head, anyway.

This is me about ten minutes later, after I hopped out of the shower.

Sure, I would love to get around for more than ten minutes looking like a well-kept news reader, but what you can't see in the first picture, is the tens of millions of tiny, itchy, annoying red hairs that have been cut off my head and transferred to every other inch of my body.

Transferred how?  Because they blow-dry them there!  Even into my shoes.  Even the baby got covered in hair today.

I don't understand the order of things at hairdressers.

They insist on washing your hair as soon as you arrive, even though I always tell them I washed it the night before.

Then they cut it. 

Then they blow-dry it, making you look like a millions bucks from the chin up, while simultaneously ensuring that below the shoulders you look like the Gruffalo.

Why don't they cut it, wash it and then blow-dry it? 

At least then I could turn up for school pick-up looking like a yummy-mummy for once, rather than the scummy-mummy I more typically represent.


  1. I have a bad neck and spending 10-15 minutes in that chair with my head hanging back over the basin with very little support is enough to make me need another trip to the chiro. So now I wash it before I go and tell them firmly that I have a neck problem and cannot use the basin, and they just use a spray bottle to wet it before cutting it.

    And I also tell them not to worry about the blow dry (which they usually charge something for, by the way) as I head straight home to a shower as well to get rid of all the tiny hairs covering my face/neck.

    My worst trip to the hairdresser, the guy giving my hair a quick blow-dry absent-mindedly played the dryer over my shoulders to blow the loose cut hair off - straight onto my toddler sitting in his stroller! I didn't realise until I went to put him in the car and he and the stroller were covered in hair. So unimpressed!

  2. Beautiful 'do'.
    I used to love going to the hairdresser - but now it's almost like a chore.
    I wish she'd be a tad more efficient (I'm paying for childcare here, woman!!) and I struggle to stay awake which is embarassing!!!
    :-) x


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