Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where Did You Come From?

This is not an original post.  But I am pinching ideas from myself, so that's ok.

Last year I wrote a post called Search Term Optimism where I had a look at the weird search terms people had used in their Google or browser before winding up on my site.  It was a bit unsettling.

Seems though, that some of my readers are getting even more disturbing.

The two people who concern me the most, were those who searched for 'pregnant torture' before landing on How To Torture A Pregnant Woman.  Ok, so maybe the title of my post was a little misleading, but stop for a second and worry about the people who are actively searching for ideas on how to torture pregnant women! Maybe I need to give the FBI a call. Maybe I need to rethink my titles before I hit publish.

Then there were two people who were probably on the other side of vanilla when they searched for 'strap some on' and wound up at my post Dear Gentlemen, Please Grow A Pair, which was simply a plea to tradesmen to learn to say 'no' to potential clients, rather than leading them on.

Then there was just the plain old-fashioned perve who searched for 'dave "the garden guy" speedos pic' before winding up on my post entitled Caveat Emptor, which told the story about the trouble we had with our garden guy, who may I add, would not be the type you would want to see in his speedos. I wonder who Dave is, and if he knows someone out there would like to see him in his speedos. 

There were a bunch of people who were looking for 'Versace vase' who found their way to my post Versace Vicissitudes, about the time I took my very young, very active children to the ridiculously high priced and breakable Versace Hotel on the Gold Coast.  I doubt people who look for Versace products online are the type to stay and read this blog... though hopefully more likely than any of the frootloops above.

Finally my heart goes out to the number of people who searched 'why am I crying' only to end up reading my post about attending my first ever Kindy concert. I hope that they stayed long enough to read the post, or poke around on my blog, and found reason enough to stop crying and laugh for a change.

If you are new to this blog, what did you search for before ending up here?

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  1. I don't know how I got here! Am glad I did though, reading back through the archives - my favourite :)


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