Sunday, January 15, 2012

Me No Can Write

Today I just don't feel like writing.

Correction - I want to write, but the words aren't coming.  I would probably struggle to do the shopping list, and that would just involve me transferring words from one piece of paper to another.

I have already had two false starts today.  A short story for a competition needs 850 words by Wednesday.  I made it to about 200 words and gave up because I had said all I could and barely made it to a quarter of the word count.  To finish would require a lot of padding.

I also started a blog post which could have either ended up being a story about Miss Curly Mop's second birthday, or the horrid experience I had with the caterer leading up to the aforementioned birthday.  I didn't even finish the first paragraph. It's now loitering in virtual purgatory.

Why is it that when I am awake at 2am, the words rush through my mind with clarity and ease, yet when I have a few uninterrupted (waking) hours my brain is as clunky and uncooperative as this over-worked simile. Or is it a metaphor?  I don't actually care.

When will they invent the brain equivalent of a voice recorder?  Something I can stick in my ear and all the lush articulate thoughts that are coming unbidden when I am trying to sleep can simply be recorded in all their glory for the next day.  When I am awake. Dumbledore has one for his bad thoughts, why can't I have one for my stories?

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better writing day. 

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