Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Things My Children Told Me

'I like your bottom, Mummy.  It has hair on it', the Blonde Bombshell told me thoughtfully last night as we dried ourselves from the shower.

'Thankyou,' I told her, not entirely sure what response was warranted under the circumstances.

As I watched her hop from bathmat to bathmat to collect her pyjamas (one piece at a time), and then sit on the floor to wiggle into her Buzz Lightyear knickers, legs in the air, completely uninhibited, I smiled at the priceless little gems she offers me.

As a long-term researcher I write everything down. A decade working and studying in the university system has set me up well, and since I have long learned the fallibility of my own memory, I counteract my forgetfulness by jotting everything down.  This way they become recorded memories, rather than lost moments.

I have decided to start collating these into a book, so that one day you might see a copy of the following on the shelf of your local bookshop:

I like your bottom, Mummy.  It has hair on it.
Things my children told me

by Shannon Meyerkort

What do you think?

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