Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oral Delivery

The Blonde Bombshell is almost as preoccupied with 'another baby' as I am.

She keeps coming out with random little comments: on the way to Kindy, in the bath, at the dinner table.  I am not constantly talking about having another child, although if she brings the topic up, I am happy to discuss it with her.  But only briefly, as her sense of time at the age of 4 is completely non-existent and I don't want to spend the next 9 (or 12 or 15) months listening to 'is the baby coming today?'.  She talked about being a baby 'last week', most things happened 'yesterday' (including Christmas), and 'next week' when she is 18 she will be 'painting her hair red like Mummy's'.  You see my point?

So last night on the way to the bath, as she was dancing around in her knickers with a wand in one hand and doll in the other I had to laugh when she stopped suddenly and faced me.

'When I was a baby I growed in your tummy, didn't I?' she asked.

'Yes, when you were a baby you grew in my tummy,' I said, thinking she's a tad too young for a biology lesson comparing the stomach and the uterus.

'And then I came out your mouth,' she told me.


I paused for a second weighing up my options.  What was worse: allowing her to think that babies were born via the mouth, or trying to explain which orifice they actually did come out (or in my case, needing to be sliced open and having the baby pulled out).

In the end, the conversation was cut short by the timely arrival of husband, and I breathed a sigh of relief.  However I realise that it is inevitable that she will mention it again, and not only will we need to discuss how the baby gets out of Mummy's tummy... but also how it got in there!


  1. Followed you here from your comment on Because I said so - i LOVE that you made up cards for people who cant park - one of my pet peeves!

  2. Here's a book for you! http://www.bookreviewsbymums.com/parenting-and-childcare/questions-children-ask-by-dr-miriam-stoppard

    Though I had a look at Collins Bookshop and it's pretty basic in terms of the info/answers, I decided I could make up those answers myself without buying a book :) (so far anyway... though I suspect some of the future topics might be more challenging!)

    R xx

  3. Hi Toru
    welcome to my blog! Those business cards are pretty funny (when I have the guts to actually use them). Sometimes I think I should make a whole range of them:
    - 'please learn how to pack my shopping - my $4 bananas do NOT belong under 2kg of spuds'
    - 'please do not stop me for a 15 minute interview when I have my two small children with me. I have no opinions whatsoever'

  4. oh that is gold! thank goodness hubby arrived in the middle before you had to explain. at tleast now you have time to prepare your answer for when it comes up again!


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