Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Disappointment is a Dirty Word

What is the worst thing about disappointment?  The frustration or the powerlessness?

The frustration is what makes you angry.  The powerlessness is what makes you sad. Or lethargic. Or depressed. 

Right now, I'm angry.  It's all so unimportant really, in the scheme of things.  Trying to sort out kindy days and day care days and uni classes.  Hardly world peace or developing a new type of green fuel that will change the world. 

But the thing is, it IS my world.

First I was disappointment by daycare, who couldn't manage to find places for my two girls on the same days.  But at least I got places.

Then I was disappointment by kindy, which despite a very specific phonecall to confirm which days my (to be) 4 year old will attend next year, has seen fit to change them.  Now kindy days and daycare days and my uni classes all clash. And I am powerless to change them.

And I am disappointed, because this is my life right now.  My eldest child attending Kindy and my baby starting daycare so I can return to university to Become A Writer.  This is my life. 

And something will have to give.


  1. Shan, how frustrating! I hope you can bend the time continuum to find a way to make it work.

  2. Thanks Amanda. After a sleepless night, worrying how I was going to manage it, I bundled the baby into the pram and we walked down to the Kindy to talk with Someone In Charge. I probably would have burst into tears had they said they couldn't help, but as it happened, another family had dropped out the day before, leaving one precious space on my desired days. I am still waiting for the (new) letter of confirmation, because I am still an old fashioned girl and like to see things in print, but with any luck, disaster has been circumvented. For now.


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