Monday, January 19, 2015

The Party Idea That Will Blow Your Mind

Prepare to be amazed ladies and gentlemen because I am going to share with you the most amazing party idea ever.

No child has ever asked for this. I am pretty sure it is a world first.


A Frozen party.

I know right, it’s the world’s most unoriginal party idea.

When my middle daughter told me she wanted a Frozen theme for her 5th birthday I admit I shuddered a bit. Even if the parents forgave me, would the kids? Surely every girl under the age of ten has been to at least half a dozen Frozen parties in the past 18 months.

But it’s what she really wanted, and her enthusiasm didn’t wane, so that’s what she got. And I admit, it was refreshing to see a bunch of little girls and even the house itself decorated in blue rather than pink. Even if it meant buying Dinotastic sprinkles for the fairy bread (blue and white sprinkled with tiny little dinosaurs… I don’t think anyone noticed the dinosaurs).

I threaded a bag of cotton wool balls onto string and presto – it was snowing.

I used a Christmas meringue tree as a centre piece, stuck on a couple snowflakes and presto – wintery wonderland.

First up was something that we always did as kids – decorating cupcakes. One for now and one to take home. I set the table beautifully, eagerly anticipating a houseful of little girls.

Baldy Baby (aka Third Terror) couldn’t cope with the concept of waiting, and even before the party started cupcakes mysteriously went missing.

The kids thought it was fabulous. Some of them would decorate the cakes, eat all the icing and lollies off the top, and then decorate them again. Pretty clever, I thought.

Part way through, The Third Terror added some Dora accessories to her Elsa outfit.

The finished cakes were pretty impressive, and turned everyone’s tongues a fetching shade of blue.

Uh, hang on. I think you’re at the wrong party.

We played Pin the Nose on Olaf. They were all too young to put the nose anywhere naughty.

Layered jelly. Nothing weird or artificial in there, right? That blue has Mother Nature all over it.

My husband led the girls in a rather athletic game of Musical Snowflakes. There were no winners except the other adults who had a good laugh.

The birthday cake needed to be frozen icecream. I mean, surely it would break some sort of law if the cake had been… cake. I printed the image (probably illegally) off the internet. See how I cleverly covered up the fact I accidentally cut off Elsa’s hand. It took me two days to make.

The Curly Mop blew the candles out twice before I had even finished lighting them. I can tell this will become a staple in her repertoire of annoying behaviours.

Then she made her grandfather eat all her cake.

She didn’t even try it.

What did she get for her birthday? What do you think?

And today (the day after the party) a massive order of snowflake decorations that I ordered months ago arrived in the mail. 

The Bombshell had a look at them: "Can we use them at my Frozen Party?' she asked.


Happy Birthday Mop.


  1. Looks like the perfect party! I'm sure we'll be going down the same path in April when Ellie turns 5.

    1. Let me know if you need to borrow some snow-themed decorations... :o)

  2. What a fabulous party. I love your "nothing artificial there" jelly cups. Totally natural shade of blue.

    1. TOTally natural.... I am sure a rare breed of butterfly has that shade of blue, oh and those birds from Rio. I'm hoping they don't get their blue from pureeing Rio birds...


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