Monday, January 26, 2015

A Story in Two Parts: Part Two The Sweet

“I’m Clarissa the Rock fairy,” the Mop announced.

“The what fairy?” I asked.

“The Rock Fairy,” she said. “I like to rock!” I could see her eyes rolling at my ignorance as she strummed her air guitar.

“Ohhh, a Rock and Roll Fairy,” I nodded.

“That’s my talent,” she said proudly.

“What do you play?” I asked.

“The giddar,” she replied.

“And do you sing?” I wanted to know.

“Of course,” she sighed dramatically.

“That’s awesome. Now go to bed so you can get up tomorrow and rock some more.” I was so tired my eyes were sticking together and I couldn’t walk straight. School holidays were doing me in.

The Mop flounced off in the direction of her bedroom.

Walking in to her room a few minutes later I saw her sitting on her bed holding a toy bilby. I collapsed on the rug.

“Maybe I should be a aminal fairy,” she said stroking the toy. “I like aminals. Maybe I can be both.”

She looked at me lying prone on the floor. It felt like the day would never end.

“What’s your talent?” she asked.

“I’m the Sleep Fairy,” I muttered, my face buried in the rug.

“You mean a Moon Fairy?” she asked. “You bring the moon out to make people sleep?”

I sat up and looked at her, now feeding her little toy with a plastic milk bottle. She looked up at me and smiled.

A Moon Fairy. What a beautiful concept, I thought. Suddenly the day didn’t seem so long anymore. I wish I could capture this.

[And I just did]

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  1. Moon Fairy is beautiful! A writer would be called creative if they came up with that, and kids do it so naturally—how and why do we lose it by the time we're adults?


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