Sunday, July 15, 2012

Things They Should Have Told Us

You may notice that I have changed the name of my blog.

For some time now, probably since the day the Bombshell was born, I have come to the realisation that parenting is relentless.  It never stops. You never get a break, even when the kids are sleeping, because after you become a parent you suddenly start sleeping with one ear and one eye open, eternally vigilant, eternally paranoid.

From one stage to the next, there is no pause. You go from the indignity of being pregnant to the trauma of birth, to breastfeeding every few hours, to watching a baby start walking, then talking, then talking back, then they start having opinions on everything, then they are off to school, whereby starts a whole new host of issues.

It's not awful, or terrible and I wouldn't ever want to change it.

It's just relentless.  Hence the name of the blog.

Consider it my community service to all future parents: things you probably should know about being a parent.

The title Relentless sums up parenting pretty well, but it wasn't my only choice when it came to blog titles that provided an apt explanation of parenting.

Here are some others I considered:

FLAWED: The mistakes we make as parents, only make our kids better people. We hope.

ETERNAL OPTIMISM: What other choice do we have?

COUNTING THE DAYS: We spend our lives as parents counting the days, til baby is born, til they take their first steps, til they start school, til they leave home.

WAITING FOR GRANDKIDS: There has to be a pay-off for all this mess.

WE'RE GOING TO NEED A BIGGER CAR: Life with three kids.

WEETBIX AND JATZ: Keeping my kids alive since 2008... 

What lessons do you think new parents need to know?


  1. Amen!

    Other lessons... lets see:
    1. Going to the toilet is no longer a sacred activity. Be prepared to be watched, commentated on and face the Spanish Inquisition as to whether you're doing #1s or #2s.
    2. Going shopping by yourself is considered a leisure activity.
    3. Nice couches and furniture are a thing of the past. After kids they will no longer resemble what they were.

    Oops that's all I can think of and now my #3 is awake and ready to party :D


  2. Ab.So.Lutely!
    The intensity of this roller coaster has been my biggest learning curve.
    Love that takes your breath away and heartbreak that can do the same.
    :-) x


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