Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Can a Door Knocker Preach About Being a Mother?

I was working studiously on my impending uni assignment when I heard a rather tentative knock at the front door.  Always living in hope that it would be a huge bunch of flowers or box of hand made chocolates being delivered from an adoring fan, I bolted downstairs to find two small women, clutching bags and bowing repeatedly at me through the glass.

I opened the doors and said hello.  They bowed a few more times and explained that they were from South Korea and wanted to preach to me (their word) about being a mother.

I have to be honest, I was rather floored.

Every now and then I open the door to various religious groups wanting to preach about the word of God, or the Son or the gift of life or how I should become a Jedi for the next census.  I am terribly polite but do not let them stay to talk.  I respect other people's views and their right to have them, and I wish people would do the same for me.  If it's ridiculously hot I will offer you a cold drink but it doesn't mean I want to convert.

So I was kind of curious about what two very young women, with no children in tow wanted to tell me about being a mother.  They may have been mothers themselves but I don't know.  They wanted three minutes of my time, but then started pulling out videos from their bags.

I explained that I was already a mother of two, with another coming and I was very happy with my lot in life, but alas I had one day a week to study and this was it, so thankyou but no.  I bowed politely and gently closed the door.

I admit I will remain interested what the young ladies could have told me through their preachings, and the irony is not lost on me that I have already spent more than three minutes typing this post.  The same three minutes I told them I did not have.

But the only people I learn about being a mother from is my children.  They are my teachers and my mentors.  They constantly reward me and keep me on my toes.


  1. Hmm, very interesting! And what do they say if you open the door and you are man? I did once have a South Korean student (male, and a father) who had been sent to Australia for three years by his church as a missionary (whole family, all expenses paid) - I never really got to the bottom of why. Perhaps the Christian movement in South Korea thinks we're doing a bad job as parents? It's a pity you couldn't have cloned yourself and sent one of you back to study and left the other one at the door listening!

  2. well I am intrigued! wonder what the video was and what pearls of wisdom they may have had for you... hoping they knock on my door now! lol :) not really I don't like having to tell door knockers that I'm not interested - cold callers annoy me more though... If I wanted/needed whatever it was they were selling I would seek out the info myself! Plus can you really trust people at the door or on the phone anymore??


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