Saturday, July 9, 2011

What Would da Vinci's Mother Have Done?

Practically every day of the week, the Bombshell comes home from Kindy, playgroup, daycare or a friends house clutching handfuls of precious art.

Crayon drawings of flowers and hearts scribbled on the back of old architect plans from daycare.

Bright pieces of card liberally covered in macaroni and small fluffy balls and sequins from Kindy.

Pages torn from a colouring book, depicting Tinkerbell and all her chums in heavy-handed texta.


Squares of fabric.


And glitter.  Oh the glitter.

This artful proficiency really only kicked into drive this year.  Previously, she would produce maybe only one masterpiece a week.  Now she is single handedly responsible for cutting down entire forests simply to support her craft habit.

What do I do with it all?  Can I throw it out?  Do I have a moral obligation to save every piece and stick it to the fridge so that it eventually falls over under the weight of all the craft-bling?  Can I disassemble some of it to use again later? 

Some of her really special pieces are framed and put in the playroom, or donated to grandparents, or greet me every time I sit down at my computer. My sister had the brilliant suggestion of photographing the best stuff and putting it into one of those cheap digital photo albums you can do online.

But what about the other 95%. How do I stop it being a fire hazard and home for silverfish.  How do I recycle it without a) the Bombshell finding out (she takes great pride in all her work and has a memory like an elephant) and b) without my suffering guilt for the next 18 years?

Mummy, rainbows and love hearts. Eat your heart out da Vinci

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  1. BRILLIANT post!!
    Oh I table is currently overflowing with the overload from end of pre-primary term...and yes, my little ones have elephant memories too! Each collected rock, miniature pom pom, feather and half pencil is apparently VITAL to the continued adventures of something or so and so!
    I have no answers,
    and three children,
    AND a creative arts magazine-in-the-making for kids!
    Why don't you host a grand exhibition for family/friends and celebrate! (complete with a photo-album 'catalogue' to keep)

    PS: That rainbow rocks.


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