Sunday, July 10, 2011

Things I Took for Granted

In the quiet moment between the kids going to bed and me going to bed (not as long as you might think!) I was fluffing around on the internet and came across this post 13 Things I Took for Granted Before Having Kids.   I think it's a great idea, so here is my list:

These are the things I took for granted before having my kids:

1. Going to bed at a socially acceptable 'bed' time as opposed to the time when many people are still eating their dinner

2. Going to bed and staying in bed (and not having to get up to pee, take someone else to pee, find a lost dummy, find a lost toy etc)

3. Not having to accompany someone else to the toilet, wipe their bottom, or provide moral support during a particularly bad case of fluffies (what we call farts in our house)

4a. Being able to close the toilet door without WWIII breaking out
4b. Being able to finish going to the toilet in my own leisurely time without having to run out into the hall with my knickers around my ankles to stop WWIII

5. Having more wine glasses than plastic cups in the dish washer

6. Only having to cook one meal at dinner time, as opposed to three or four

7. Getting up when I want to and not when someone else wants me to

8a. Not knowing what Bio Oil, Nu-Lax and lanolin are
8b. Not needing to use Bio Oil, Nu-Lax and lanolin

9. My stomach muscles

10. My breasts

11. Being able to leave the house without needing to check my shoulders for boogers

12. Watching an entire movie in one sitting

13. Doing anything spontaneously

14. Not having to constantly watch what I say for fear a little parrot will embarrass me in public

15. Not talking about poo within complete strangers. Or friends and family.  At dinner time

16. Doing only one or two loads of washing a week

17. Not having to lug around a massive bag filled with nappies and wipes and food and spare dummies and spare clothes and books and toys and teethers 'just in case'

18. Taking less than 15 minutes to go from making the decision to leave the house to starting the ignition of the car

19. Being able to eat a meal without someone sitting in your lap (eating your food)

20. Not knowing who Hamony and Rhapsody, or Dora and Diego were (and all their little animated devil friends)

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  1. Ah yes. Not to mention being able to finish a cup of coffee while it's still hot, or being able to eat a leisurely meal in a restaurant. And I could go on... Those were the days!!


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