Saturday, February 5, 2011

Adrian Mole was Right!

Those of you who were children in the 80s will undoubtedly remember The Diary of Adrian Mole. Long before there were the students of Hogwarts and Wimpy Kids, there was a British dork with plenty of zits and much to complain about.

For some reason, one of his gripes was about washing up fried egg with only cold water.  I never got it.  I never understood his problem. Until yesterday.  And ever since then his voice has been in my head.  Fried eggs and cold water.  Fried eggs and cold water.

Yesterday I had decided I would make a batch of mini quiches for playgroup.  Attempting to be vaguely healthy I abstained from the delicious flakey puff pastry and instead went quiche commando.  The Blonde Bombshell and I carefully painted each of the tiny muffin holes with oil (I thought it would be more fun for her than watching me use the spray oil) then we added tiny portions of peas and corn, topped it up with egg before adding cheese.

They smelled and looked fabulous and for a while I thought I had hit a home run.  Kids would eat them, and mums would be grateful that it wasn't full of sugar and chocolate.  Ha ha ha ha ha.

The time came to take them out of their teeny tiny holes, but it soon became clear that they were actually teeny tiny quiche coffins.  They were stuck.  Not just a little stuck.  NASA sticking the space shuttle together stuck.  One year old with their head between the cot rails stuck.  Small kitten in a pipe stuck.

I ended up with a bowl of quiche tops (a bit like muffin tops but not half as much fun) with the crusty remnants of my good idea lining not 12 but 24 mini holes.  I filled the tray with water and took my quiche tops to playgroup, where they sat forlornly on the table.  Occasionally a child would come and peer into the bowl before walking away with a confused expression. 

Back to Adrian Mole and his fried egg and cold water conundrum.  Well I had fried egg with hot water, scouring pads, elbow grease and half a bottle of Morning Fresh.  And 24 hours.  It has literally taken me 24 hours to scrub out all the baked on stupidity.  I had to force myself to stop and clean one hole each time I walked past the sink.  I did considered throwing the whole thing in the bin.

So Adrian Mole, wherever you are.  I get it now.  You simply cannot wash fried egg with cold water.  Now get out of my head.


  1. Next time - patty pans!! They joy of confusing small children when they see cupcake papers and then bite into healthy quichelets.


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