Sunday, July 7, 2013

How the Third Child (Almost) Gets What They Want: A Photographic Essay

Look. There's Mum mucking around with that stupid camera again. I wonder if I can get her to do what I want if I be cute for a while.

Get these crappy soft toys out the way. I need the good stuff.

With my super-human speed I can destroy this DVD cupboard in record time.
What's this crap? Downton Abbey? Must be one of Mum's movies. Better chuck that one away.

Now we're talking... Shaun's the bomb.

Yeah, Mum. I'm gonna need you to put this on for me.

Man, I wonder why she didn't put it on for me. It's G rated. Maybe if I bang it against the glass for a bit, and be really annoying so she gives in and let's me have what I want.

Oh crap. Get lost Mop, this is my gig. I'm going to watch Shaun, none of your Dora crap. Now get lost before Mum yells at us both.

Foiled by a hug. Ok. We can watch Dora.

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