Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different


This is my kitchen/family room.

It was my first attempt at using the panoramic function on my new camera. I probably could have chosen a slightly more inspiring topic, but let's face it, this is my life.

I didn't clean or tidy before I took this photo because I didn't think I was going to publish it online. But this is pretty typical. Unfortunately.

Does it look like your place?

Is your fridge covered with shopping lists, notes from school, art work, reminders and mismatched magnets?

Is your bench space covered with plastic toys, more art projects, food remnants, unpaid bills and general junk?

Is your sink full?

Do you have a small child trying to find food even though you just fed her?

At the far edge of the photo, on the kitchen table is my computer. That is where I am right now, and the view from where I sit hasn't changed much from yesterday when I took this photo.

I have put the Vegemite away since yesterday but everything else is pretty much untouched

This is where Relentless lives.

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