Saturday, May 4, 2013

Welcome to Fairesy Land

Sometimes I need to remind myself to see the world through my children's eyes.

The Bombshell has inherited my skill for spelling

They haven't yet learned that adults sometimes say things that aren't true. There may be suspicions that things don't sound quite right (such as the fact that mums grow 'invisible' eyes in the back of their heads when they are pregnant) but on the whole, if Mum says something, then it must be true.

The Bombshell believes there are fairies in the garden. I haven't discouraged this, and truth be told, once I realised how much time it was going to occupy the girls during the school holidays, I have been actively encouraging it.

It started with a fairy ring.

In the kids' eyes it was a beautiful, magical circle of rose petals, where the fairies could come and dance.

In my eyes, they were systematically removing the petals from half my roses and littering them across the front yard.

I ignored it at first, despite my history with the fairies. I had uni assignments to complete: I didn't have time to stuff around writing messages from Fairy Princess Loolybell or whatever her name is.

But then the Bombshell discovered a message. A broken plant stake, that (in the eyes of a six year old) looked a bit like an arrow pointing at something. It was clearly a message from the fairies. Clearly.

'But what do you think it means, Mum?' the Bombshell asked turning it over in her hands.

I sighed. 'I'm not sure, sweetie. Why don't you ask them?'

That should buy me another day or two, I thought uncharitably.

So the Bombshell took the stake and wrote 'What do you meen?' on it, and then tied it from a branch in the tree. She then removed the remaining petals from my rose bushes and made a 'bed' in a hanging pot. For the fairies. Naturally.

I let it hang there for a day. Finally, faced with another morning of disappointment streaking the girls' faces, I felt an enormous rush of mother-guilt. That night, I hung sparkly angelina threads from the tree, and tied special ribbons adorned with flowers and butterflies from the tree.

When the Bombshell saw the glinting through the window the next morning, and she rushed outside in her nightee, I had my best surprised face on as she banged on the window.

'I told you so, Mum. It was a message from the fairies. They stayed here last night and had a party.'

For the next two days, the Bombshell and the Mop have been turning a corner of the garden into a house for the fairies.

It has a fairy ring for them to dance in.

Above the 'ball' we have even installed a disco ball (Christmas bauble) for the fairies

It has a place for them to eat.

It has a bedroom, in case they need to stay the night.

Can't imagine it will be too pleasant when the petals begin to rot

There is even a supply of snacks hidden in a mushroom.

The sign says 'choclate' but it actually has two banana lollies inside

There is even a bathroom, complete with traditional upright Japanese bath.

The Bombshell has artfully created a shower with flowing water, all stuck on the wall with blu-tack

I can see the Fairesy Land from where I sit and write. It's pretty magical.

It's enough to make me believe.

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