Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When Good Intentions Go Bad

The Curly Mop has a little blanket with an elephant head called Ella.

Really, it's not as creepy as it sounds.

Because the Mop developed such an attachment to Ella, we went out and bought a second one, so there was always a spare in the drawer if she got covered with food, or vomit, or if we ever lost one.

We lost one.

Our family has just returned from a week in Sydney. Unfortunately, Ella did not make it home. She disappeared on the last day. Whether she was dropped inadvertently, pinched by a two year old pickpocket or just decided she liked the bright lights of Sydney more than she liked Perth, we'll never know.

The Mop was distraught, but knowing that we had a spare waiting at home I told her that I was sure someone would find Ella and get her home to us in Perth. Sure enough a few hours after we got home, I dumped spare Ella on the front doormat, rang the doorbell and bolted.

The Bombshell was most impressed that Ella had returned home and asked all sorts of sticky questions about how the person knew where we lived etc etc.

The Mop just squeezed and squeezed and wouldn't let Ella go.

Good on ya Mum.

Then this morning the Mop asked for her 'other Ella'.

Umm, excuse me?

'My have two Ellas. My need the other one,' the Mop said. 'She's in the drawer' she added very helpfully.

Oh crap.

So I had to come clean to the Mop (and the Bombshell) that the other Ella did *not* in fact make it home to Perth, and that she had been lost in Sydney, and there she will stay. Her face just crumbled and my heart dissolved. So I did what any mother would do: I offered her someone else's toy.

Baldy Baby has two little blankets with bear heads.  Again, not as creepy as it sounds. She is 8 months old and hasn't shown any interest in them (probably because they are in the drawer and she has never even seen them) so I offered them to the Mop and said she could choose one to be Ella's new friend.

She promptly grabbed both of them and tossed the remaining Ella in her bedroom.

Mum fail.


  1. LOL...

    My two-year-old has Mr Frog (green comforter blankie with a frog head)... there are two of them rotated frequently, so they are both in the same state of falling-apart-ness. I don't /think/ he knows there are two of them.

    My one-year-old has Mr Dog (blue comforter blankie with a dog head)... I learnt from Mr Frog so I have THREE Mr Dogs... but I keep them in the bottom drawer... should probably move them soon. The spare Mr Frog lives in a high drawer, so my two-year-old hasn't discovered it... yet.

  2. Such a lovely story. I love how kids have a knack for remembering only the things you hope they will have forgotten.

    My daughter became completely attached to her blankie-bear (a pink bear head on a blanket) when she was little, so I ran to the shop to buy two more so I could rotate them and prevent future disaster when she eventually lost one. Unfortunately the shop had stopped selling them. We have left blankie-bear in another country (and had her couriered back to us), dropped in a carpark and retrieved moments before the cleaner dumped her in a bin, and countless other close calls. She is now brown, falling apart, disgusting and has been repaired so many times that only the blanket is actually the original bear, but my daughter totally adores her.


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