Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Happened

The Blonde Bombshell is planted outside the door, sitting on the ground wailing.

'Mummy doesn't love me,' she sobs.

I am inside Baldy Baby's room, feeding her. I smile to myself: the Bombshell loves the sound of her own voice, and she's trying out her lament with differing emphasis.

'Mummy doesn't love me.'

'Mummy doesn't love me.'

'Mummy doesn't love me.'

'Mummy doesn't love meeeeeeeee.'

If there was a mirror in the hall, I swear she'd be in front of it, trying out her sad faces.

She throws open the door.

'I don't love you Mummy,' she screams.  BANG. She slams the door shut. Baldy Baby stops feeding and watches me.  I sigh.

Small footsteps in the hall.  The Mop is coming to investigate.  I want to tell her to go back to the family room, but I also don't want to draw attention to myself.

'Rah,' I hear the Mop say from the other side of the door.

'You're not a lion,' the Bombshell says.

'Rah,' repeats the Mop.

'You're not a dragon,' sneers the Bombshell.

'Rah,' says the Mop.

'You're not a dinosaur, not a baby dinosaur. You're nothing.  You're not cute and I don't love you anymore.'  I frown.  This can't end well.


'Waaaaaaaaaaa!' shrieks the Bombshell.


'Ahhhhhhhh!' screams the Mop.

The door flies open again.

'I. Don't. Love. You,' the Bombshells repeats in case I have missed the previous ten minutes of screaming.  'You're always with the baby.  You don't love me anymore.'

Ah. I see.

I knew this was coming.  Advice anyone?


  1. With my third I never got to sit quietly feeding (except middle of the night). I usually fed on one side had miss 4 under other arm either watching tv or holding a book for me to read and master not quite 2 between my legs resting his head on the baby! Sounds awful but everyone was comfy happy and part of feeding the baby

  2. I've never had to deal with this one personally thank heavens, as I'm still on baby number one, but my big sister tried to make her first born as much a part of the baby routine as she could, letting her help bathe the baby etc. Then when the baby went to bed they spent special time together doing stuff. And she would tell her that even though there was a new baby in the house, she was always the first baby, and that she loved her exactly the same as she did before the baby came along, but because the baby was so young he needed her to do everything for him. It seemed to work, and my niece and nephew are good friends to this day five years later. Good luck how ever you decide to deal with this.

  3. It works for us if we do it as story time for us and feeding time for the baby.. We read a story (she holds the book and turns the pages - I do the voices) whilst feeding.. I talk about how lovely it is to be able to have so many chances to read stories with her whilst the baby fills her tummy.. Might work ?


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